Looking Back at Winters History

Post Office in Winters, California (Photo by Edward James Gannon courtesy of the Ackley Family Collection)

Take a Look Back at Winters History

The Winters Museum is featuring a new, eclectic exhibition titled “Take a Look Back at Winters History.” The exhibit brings back some of the photos that were on display previously and has added some new ones as well.

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The museum has a new collection of photos that is titled the Ackley Collection. In 2019, Brenda Nickerson Ackley brought in many photos that had been taken by her grandfather, Edward James Gannon. Brenda’s grandmother was Hazel Griffin who was the daughter of Alexander Rice Griffin who followed his brother, Joseph Griffin, from Missouri to California.

Tom Crisp was able to scan several of the photos and copies are now hanging in the museum. These are never-before-seen pictures of Winters, especially those that were taken on Main Street. This is definitely a highlight of the exhibit.

In addition, the exhibit has included a few pictures from the previous “Wide World of Winters’ Sports” exhibit, including those of an Olympic athlete, Jack Brinck, and Theodore Winters’ prized racehorse, Norfolk.

An emphasis on the importance of agriculture in the history of Winters is included with previously exhibited pictures and artifacts. Winters was known for its production, processing, and marketing of apricots, peaches, prunes, almonds, and walnuts. Stories and artifacts, as well as pictures, tell this story at the exhibit.

Many local history books by local authors are prominently displayed. Included are books by Tom Crisp, Gloria Lopez, Dorothy O’Neill, Lorraine Rominger, and others. There are also photos of Winters taken by the famed Dorothea Lange that were taken in the 1930s and 40s.

Finally, several of the photos from the “Lost Japanese Community of Winters” are displayed. The next exhibit, planned for the spring of 2024, will bring back this popular exhibit which will coincide with the unveiling of a monument honoring the Japanese community.