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Tom Crisp Talks Buckeye

On Saturday, May 20th at the Winters Community Library, Winters historian Tom Crisp discussed his book, The People of Buckeye and Early Winters. He began with a quick review of the work that had been done by the Winters History Project on Buckeye, followed by a description of his research strategy and sources. He explained how a decision regarding the routing of an extension of the Vaca Valley Railroad led to the demise of Buckeye and the rise of Winters. Crisp finished by highlighting various people and interesting tidbits that he discovered while working on his project.

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Crossing the Blue Ridge

by Marc Hoshovsky

In the late 1800s, the Blue Ridge was a major obstacle to travel between the Sacramento Valley and the Berryessa Valley, and thence to Napa Valley and Clear Lake. A mountain wall rising 2500 feet from the floor of the Sacramento Valley, the Blue Ridge runs north and south for forty miles from Vacaville to Rumsey.

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