Museum Winters

The incredible mind map that was generated during the Winters Museum Planning Meeting on Tuesday. Winters Historical Society owes a big thank you to the creators Gloria Lopez, Liz Coman, and everyone who attended. We welcome all with an interest in Winters History to participate!

Museum Needs Walls to House History

Evelyne Rominger writes in a letter to the Winters Express:

The signs on the way to Winters say “Historic town” but when you get to Winters there is no museum. Where is the history and story of Winters? There are good places to eat and taste wine; buy a house, jewelry, yarn, a guitar, gas, hardware, a dress and groceries, but how do you find out about where you are?

There is an amazing collection of historic photographs which get hung in downtown shops and businesses when there is space. It is called a museum without walls but there is damage, theft, accidental sales, and storage problems. There are attics and basements full of things waiting for a museum. Can we do something about this?

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