Winters History

Winters Centennial Supplement

In 1975, The Winters Express printed a special supplement commemorating the Winters Centennial.

(The document is stored in 10-page sections or chapters. The chapters are listed below with selected highlights from each one. Click on the '>' symbol or the 'Contents' link to return to this page.)

Supplement Contents

Chapter 1: Pages 1-10 First Inhabitants, Ewing Young, John Wolfskill, Theodore Winters, James Pleasants

Chapter 2: Pages 11-20 Railroad Arrives, Winters in 1878, Concrete Bridge

Chapter 3: Pages 31-40 1901 Fire, Schools and Churches

Chapter 4: Pages 31-40 Baseball and Other Sports, 1892 Earthquake

Chapter 5: Insert & Pages 41-46 Earthquake Insert, Winters Youth Day, Joseph Young

Chapter 6: Pages 47-56 Buckeye & Its Settlers, Robert Niemann, Masonic Lodge, Apricots, DeVilbiss Hotel

Chapter 7: Pages 57-66 Monticello Dam, Winters Express, Winters Concert Band, Henry Culton

Chapter 8: Pages 67-76 Shadrach Harriman, Winters Post Office, Japanese Americans, Merchants in 1946

Chapter 9: Pages 77-80 Hawaiian Spaniards, Henderson House, 1897 Wolfskill Subdivision Map